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Basically all professional freelancers have one thing in common: They work alone.

You make your contracts?

Why do you think your contract doesn’t need an audit? Is it strong enough?

You created your price model?

Did you quize out the max potential of your pricing model? Who knows how much money you leave on the table.

Who we are

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Growing is hard. Let us help!

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It's pretty hard as an individual professional to stay motivated, grow your business and pursue the life you want when the only feedback you get is the voice inside your head.


You are only working on your projects and you never worked on your business with a mentor


You are running a business withouth a defined roadmap with your long term strategy

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You get access to different perks which can bring you extra money every month.


Thanks to our group we have more bargaining power and we can fix you discounts on services or products that are a recurring cost for you.



Access to all available powersups. See pricing details of each powerup individual.

Powerup access


Get access to lead referrals tailored to your preferred type of project.



tbd per contract

tbd per contract

1 hour group meeting per month via a conference call with the mentor and other expert level freelancers

Mastermind group



Dedicated help from your assigned mentor to negotiate your newest contract to get the most out of it.



tbd per contract

tbd per contract

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If you feel that you have everything under control and you maximized your business potential, then you don't need our services. But one thing is sure - you're wrong. Investing in yourself is the best investment you could ever make. It's not taxed and nobody can steal it from you!

See it as an insurance - you also pay every month not knowing if you need it. Because of our Hub powers we are able to get discounts and perks you can't negotiate yourself alone. If you show us your current operational costs we can calculate your ROI and demonstrate it to you in a simulation.

First of all - if you sum up all the time you spend to filter out and negotiate your deal you'll be surprised how much time you put in it. Second of all - it's not your main business and you are not able to maximize the full potential of your negotiation. We can show you some use cases and you'll see the ROI is a no brainer. We negotiate every day, you only do this a couple of times in your life. Who's junior and who's senior on this expertise you think?

Every month you can cancel, we don't work with yearly plans as we want to keep the flexibility for you. You only pay us if you want to stay & grow stronger! 💪

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