The power of Positioning is underrated

We'll teach you about the power of positioning and the influence it has on your price setting and future. Many freelancers think they should be a superhero that can do every technology within every market and they think they will have more opportunities doing so. The reality is different and we'll wake you up on this.

Why positioning myself?

Positioning is pretty much the same as choosing. You choose where you specialize in. By doing so you'll naturally attract only the type of projects that you like and more over you become more unique within the competitive market that gives you automatic the advantages that you can also choose the proper price setting for this. So you improve yourself two times: you'll like your work more and you get payed more for this.

Our Goal

  • Identify your positioning capabilities.
  • Make your roadmap to become expert in your field.
  • Maximize your earnings

The Concept

As a freelancer you should shine out and not be average. By doing a proper positioning within the market you'll work on becoming an expert in a certain field. That makes you as a freelancer very competitive in the market and will set the bar for your future.