Customer success is long term thinking

As a freelancer you should not only think about the current moment but every single day you should think about empowering your future too. It is in fact very simple - you should focus on your customer success. How can you delight your customers? How can you do this little bit extra for them to surprise them. If you close a customer you have all incentives to keep them as long as possible and that they want you to stay as well. Doing so gives you many wins: you can easily increase your prices later on, you can maximize the length of your contract and you get referred by your client to your next clients because they like you!

It's not superficial.

You could argue - wow this is superficial. Planning to give extras to my clients so that i can increase my prices much easier later on. Well it's normal. We live in a transactional world. Giving and taking are the principles of that. You don't apply this only on your business, but when you think a bit deeper - it happens also with your friends and family. You're wife is cooking a nice dish - you'll give something back by cleaning the table. It's mutual respect and balance. You give a present on somebody's birthday, but hey - you'll get a present back. Your goal should be to always give a little bit more, this puts you int he position that people feel they own you something and people will act like that too. The ROI of giving a little bit more with the gains you'll make later on is huge. Not many people calculate this and make a roadmap around this - we do!

Our Goal

  • Make your cusomer success roadmap
  • Set goals, predictions & ROI
  • Maximize your earnings