Our top rated powerup is all about negotiation

It's not only our top rated powerup, but also the one you need asap! Many freelancers don't realize how much time and effort they put into the whole phase from finding the right opportunity till closing the perfect deal. It makes sense because you do this just once in a while. We as an agency do this process almost every single day. That makes us naturally an expert in this process.

Finding the right opportunity

We start with looking for the right opportunity for you. You probably get bombarded by completely irrelevant inquiries from recruiters that doesn't match what you are looking for or worse doesn't even match your tech-stack. Or you have very little inquiries and you don't know where to look for the right opportunity. Thanks to our systems and referral network we can filter though the mass of opportunities and find the right projects for you.

Two important problems are solved in the finding process:

  1. We'll find the the right project that matches your tech-stack but also type of project you like the most.

  2. We'll find you the right project that matches your desired price-setting

Finding the right opportunity

We'll take the initial calls with the opportunities to make sure they match what you are looking for. In the first conversations we'll find out if the project really matches your tech-stack and interests as well as your price setting.

Post interview & test

The opportunities that are passing our filter will be given to you and you'll have to take over from there so that they can run their interview and tests that's needed in their process. After that we'll take over again form you. It's possible that the opportunity wants to bargain & we'll safeguard your positioning of your price setting and other benefits.

Our Goal

  • Find the best projects for you
  • Make your life easier
  • Maximize your earnings

The Concept

Where your future client hired an internal or external recruiter to enforce his buying process to maximize their interests and incentives, we'll be your mentor maximizing and defending your full capacity. The recruiter is the buying department and we are the selling department. Every freelancer is missing this department