Price setting is negotiation too

Your price setting can't be boring. If you simply charge by the hour you're not doing anything special. If you incorporate some smart model where you can create a win-win between you and the buyer you'll trigger their interests. Naturally you'll have more chance to close the deal as you are different as the rest.

People listen to rules

Price setting is rule setting. From the moment you are born you're taught with rules. Rules from your parents, your school & the government. People are used to rules, so are you clients. By setting the rules of your price setting it becomes much more difficult for the buyer to negotiate with you as they will understand unconscious that this is a rule. Therefore the outcome to close the deal at the best price possible is more likely to happen. How beautiful is that!

Our Goal

  • Defining your strategic price model
  • Make you shine out from the rest
  • Maximize your earnings